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Screens and Air Conditioners

We do not provide screens though you will find many screens already installed in the house which are part of the original window system of the house. If screens are missing we suggest using sliding screens which can be easily purchased and will expand to fit any window.


If you do not have Central Air-Conditioning then we will provide you with window units – 3 per house. You may install them in the windows that you choose.  Please make sure that your window unit is installed correctly and draining properly and not into the window well. If you need help, please ask.

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors have been installed per the Baltimore City code for your safety. Do not tamper with smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. Do not remove or disconnect a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Do not remove batteries. Do not in any way render these devices inoperable. It is the responsibility of tenants to test and maintain smoke detectors and change batteries when needed.

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Trash and Recycling

We do not provide trash cans or recycling bins. Baltimore City will assign and provide one green Municipal Trash can for each property address (you will see that each can has an imprinted number). If yours is stolen or damaged, please call 311 and the city will replace or repair it. Do not leave bags outside of the trash can. All trash must be in a can with a lid. If you need to purchase an additional trash can, make sure that it has a lid! Also be sure to mark your trash can with your address. Unfortunately people actually steal trash cans, especially the nice ones.


Recycling Cans can be purchased for $12 dollars (an additional $3 for the lid…) at a few designated locations.  The yellow bin is not mandatory.  “Citizens can put recycled materials in any container they like as long as it is marked RECYCLE and is not in a plastic bag. Such containers may include, trash cans, cardboard boxes, or plastic bins.”


Our closest location to purchase a recycling bin is:

Waverly Ace Hardware
601 E. Homestead Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 627-8893
M-F 8am-8pm and Sat. 9am-6pm


Old Goucher:  Trash Pick-up on Fridays, Recycling Pick up on Wednesdays

Charles Village: Trash Pick-up on Tuesdays, Recycling on Thursdays


Please refer to for additional information.


Bulk Trash, or any excess garbage or recycling can be taken to the dump. Do not leave any random extra garbage next to a trash can. You will risk an environmental citation. See below.

Northwest Citizens’ Convenience Center (aka ‘the dump’)
2840 Sisson Street, (410) 396-7250,
Mon. – Sat., 9 am – 5 pm (Labor Day/Memorial Day) & 9 am – 7 pm (Memorial Day/Labor Day)

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Environmental Citations

Be vigilant about the exterior of your building. Be careful to abide by the rules regarding proper disposal of trash and be do not neglect your yard, grass or plantings or allow things to grow onto the sidewalks or allow weeds and grass to grow more than 8 inches. Baltimore City and the Environmental Control Board will pop by and issue you a Citation. They range from 50-100 dollars and if not paid they quickly triple the fine. When you get a citation you have two choices. You can pay it (by mail, in person or online) or you can contest the fine and request a hearing. You will also need to correct the cause of the fine. Remember that you are responsible for any fines that are issued by the Environmental Control Board.

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Garbage Disposals

We receive frequent distress calls for broken garbage disposers. Armed with a bit of information you might be able to avoid waiting for help. Some basic rules: Always run water and turn on the disposal before putting food into the unit and run water for a few seconds after the unit is cleared. A loud noise would indicate that something has gone down that should not be there such as a spoon or a bottle cap. If there is a “hum” and the unit will not spin, something is stuck.  Turn the switch off, clear the obstruction and use the service wrench to turn the interior blades. Also try pressing the reset button.


To clear a jam, turn power off, then insert wrench into center hole in bottom of unit and work back and forth.When reset button “trips”, turn off at wall switch and push reset button. Clear any obstructions before starting.

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Clawfoot Tubs and Shower Curtains

If you have a clawfoot tub you will need to use more than one shower curtain. Make sure the curtain(s) goes all the way around the tub creating a waterproof environment for showering. You can also buy and extra wide shower curtain on Amazon if you want to really go for it.



Police Emergency                   911


Water or Sewer Emergency    311


Smell Gas? Call Baltimore Gas and Electric 1-800-685-0123


Police Non-Emergency           410-396-2525

Baltimore City Police Dept.

242 W. 29th St.


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